List of MoU’s with Industries & Research Center (2014 TO 2017):

Sl.No Dept. MoU signed with Academics/Industry/Governemnt MoU signed year Purpose
1 R&D National Aerospace Laboratories, Bengaluru March 2014 R&D Industry vist, Project work, Internship
2 R&D Tata Advanced Materials, Bengaluru July 2014 Workshops, Students Internships
3 R&D Central Manufacturing Technology Institute, Bengaluru April 2015 Students Industrial visits, Guest Lectures, NABL Accreditation
4 R&D Nopo Technologies, Bengaluru May 2015 Industry Institute Interaction
5 R&D Gotenburg University, Sweden June 2015 Product and Prototype
6 R&D National Institute of Pharmaeutical Education and Research, Kolkatta October 2015 Product and Prototype
7 R&D SAII – USA July 2016 Solar and Renewable Energy
8 R&D Image Labels Pvt. Ltd. June 2017 Industry Institute Interaction