R&D Center involves in identifying new research areas, developing projects leading to publications in National/International Journals and conferences. Established R&D department at the Institution level to promote Research & Innovation among the faculty & students. The center helps in developing co-operative and complimentary research among various Departments under BMSCE to explore advanced technologies. The Centre holds periodical Review meetings on the progress of research being carried out for Ph.D. as well as of the funded projects. The Centre also guides in writing projects, scientific papers leading to publication as well as in identifying results of research for filing patents.

Since receiving autonomous status during AY 2008-09, the Institution has been provided with an excellent opportunity to create, revise, redesign or introduce innovations in curriculum. A concept of integrated course has been introduced. Integration of practical component in addition to theoretical part of the course has enhanced the learning ability of the students.

Threading this path, the Institution foregrounded the concept of research amongst the students from first year of their study. Necessary environment and facilities were created. Centralized labs/design centers titled propel labs were established. These labs are broad based and not confined to a single area/discipline. Student groups (multidisciplinary) work on various engineering projects in these labs - concept to designing the prototype. The Propel labs are open for students of all disciplines with no terms or conditions attached. Each Lab is headed by a faculty and supported by competent technical staffs who volunteer to act as mentors for the students and ensure that students conduct the research. Currently about 300 students are working in these labs. Creative thinking skills of the students and mentoring by faculty guides result in development creating systematic processes and products. These research labs help the students to build prototypes which enable them to participate in competitions both in India & Abroad.