Startup Cell BMSCE & MHRD-IIC Idea Competition

Startup Cell BMSCE & MHRD-IIC Idea Competition

Startup  Cell BMSCE & MHRD-IIC     (Attachment)

Idea Competition

Inviting Innovative Ideas from students of the Institution from various departments to solve the problems related to at least two/all of the following themes-

1. Agriculture & Rural development

2. Health Care

3. Energy

4. Environment

5. Others

Evaluation committee to evaluate these Ideas based on-

1. Novelty of Idea / Innovation

2. Methodology

3. Societal impact

4. Market potential

Five or more ideas per theme will be Shortlisted by the Evaluation  Committee.


Sl. No.                   Activity Date                                  Activity

       1                    Before 30-3-2019                          Idea Proposition

       2                    Before 15-4-2019               Workshop on Cognitive Skills,  Design Thinking and Critical Thinking using local  resource persons

       3                    Before 30-4-2019               Design Competition for Proof  of Concept Development       

      4                    Before 15-5-2019                Proof of Concept Exhibition

      5                    Before 30-6-2019                 Business Plan Development

      6                    Before 31-7-2019                  Innovation Competition

      7                    Before 31-8-2019                  Regional Exhibition

      8                   Before 15-10-2019                 National  Exhibition

      9                   Before 11-11-2019                Selected Best Ideas  will be awarded by MIC