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Civil Engineering


Dr Maya Naik

Professor and Head

The Department Civil Engineering was one of the three branches started when BMS college of Engineering was established in 1946. In the past seven decades, the department has seen lot of progress in academics, research and consultancy. In the year 2008, the UG program was given the academic autonomous status by VTU which enabled us to have our own curriculum to enhance knowledge, skills and attitudes in students. The department boasts of three PG courses namely Construction Technology, Environmental Engineering and Transportation Engineering and Management. In addition, the department is recognized as a research center by VTU and as a QIP center by MHRD, which has changed the status of the department from primarily UG department to research based learning center. So far about 9 candidates have acquired PhD from our research center and more than 50 are pursuing PhD and MSc (Engg.). All this was achievable due to dedicated teaching and non-teaching faculty and the support from the generous management. We have 32 faculty members both from UG & PG, of which 23 have acquired highest qualification in the form of PhD. Our infrastructure has been state-of-the-art for which we thank several funding agencies apart from the World Bank funded TEQIP and the ever encouraging management. Quality of students and their achievements in curricular and co-curricular activities have branded our department as a leading center of learning, not only in India but also abroad. In the year 2014, the National Board of Accreditation, India has given us Six years of accreditation under Tier-I (Washington Accord) recognizing our academic accomplishments.